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25 January 2018

Germany, GoHitz.com – It makes sense that The City That Never Sleeps has an obsession with coffee in all its glorious forms, from cold brews to lavender lattes.

And just when you think that the limit on ways to serve coffee has been hit, a New York cafe trots out something new.

This time around, its a cafe in the hip East Village neighbourhood serving a "Deconstructed Latte." On a wooden cutting board, guests receive three glasses containing an espresso shot, warm milk and ... a regular ol' latte - plus a small wafer cookie to nibble on.

The idea is to try each component of the latte separately before seeing how they meld together. The concept has proved popular even though it's more expensive than a normal latte, prompting dozens of food bloggers and others to make the trip to Coffee Project New York.

Text & Photo : DPA News


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