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18 September 2017

Germany, GoHitz.com - Does Harry Potter fandom know no bounds? London is already home to the Harry Potter Warner Bros studio tour, and last year the city's Palace Theatre hosted a sold-out play.

Yet the city has one more trick up its (wizard cloak) sleeve: a Harry Potter escape challenge.

The adventure facility in central London is run by Enigma Quests. Its proximity to Diagon Alley is unknown.

In small teams, visitors work together to solve puzzles that allow them to move on to the next room. They race against the clock, with 60 minutes to complete the challenge.

As you might expect, the set is filled with owls, cauldrons and spell books. Participants even don Hogwarts robes and quirky pointed hats. Plus, there are wands on hand to get those magical senses tingling.

In recent years, escape quests have become increasingly common, but according to Enigma Quest's website, this is the first with a Harry Potter theme.

The group challenge game seems to be cleaning up fairly well on London's tourist circuit.

TripAdvisor reviewers rated it five stars on average, and it's ranked number five of the website's 370 listed activities under the "Fun Activities and Games" category - above long-time player The London Dungeon.

Text & Photo : DPA


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