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Maria Cicilia Galuh
13 September 2017

Jakarta, GoHitz.com - Indonesian musician Farman Purnama and OTTAVA will conduct a series of thematic concert which will be titled as “Jakarta Heritage Concert Series” in 2018. The tenor voiced singer will sing Indonesian seriosa songs from famous composers, such as Ismail Marzuki at historical building in Jakarta.

“The inspiration itself came from OTTAVA and in OTTAVA some of its members are architect. We care about the historical buildings, albeit there was restoration and repairing of that buildings. There was no event in that locations, so we plan to use that venue which has been restored. Its the same thing with cultural preservation,” said Farman Purnama or Farman to Gohitz at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Jakarta.

Farman added that the Indonesian seriosa songs played important role in the struggle for Indonesian independence. He also saw that Indonesian seriosa musics were legacy of the past art which had high artistic value and full of meaning.

“Jakarta Heritage Concert Series” is a concert of classical music from famous Indonesian composers from early Indonesia independence era that are going to be held in selected historical buildings in Jakarta, such as museums or cultural heritage buildings in Kota Tua Jakarta.

The concert will be divided into four concerts series with first concert series entitled as “Ibu 
Pertiwi”. This concerts are going to be held on 21 April 2018 and will be closed by the fourth concert series with the theme “Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa” that are going to be held in 27 October 2018.

For the first concert series of “Jakarta Heritage Concert Series”, Farman planned to use the orchestra as musical accompaniment in that concert.

“Because this is the idea of women, not to mean to worshipping women but refer to this country like a motherland so that the concert would convey about Indonesia,” said Farman after 2018 music concert program which entitled as “TITIK NOL” in Jakarta.

The locations for the first concert series of “Jakarta Heritage Concert Series” has not been determined yet, but Farman hopes it can be held in the museum which the building had old architecture such as Museum Gajah.

Beside “Jakarta Heritage Concert Series”, Farman Purnama will also hold two other concerts, the first one is the concert of “Karena Kau Ada” and the other will be the concert about 100 year anniversary of Aula Barat Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

Writer & Photo : Aji Cakti
Editor : Maria Cicilia Galuh


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