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7 September 2017

Germany, GoHitz.com - Fashion stores are beginning to stock up on next season's clothes, but it's still not quite clear what the main trends will be.

Designers have been working with unusual materials such as vinyl, and it appears that very casual clothing with a high cosiness factor will be in fashio

In terms of colour, red in all its shades and tones will be in fashion, according to style consultant Andreas Rose.

Pink has developed into an ever-popular colour. "Pink is great for cooler climates," says Rose. Its contrasting colours are gold and silver, "which are great for plainly cut clothing and help give them a cool, sophisticated look," says stylist Inka Mueller-Winkelmann.

Green is another colour in trend, in ranges from bottle green to dark fir. It matches well with grey - "it creates a muted and sophisticated look," explains shopping expert Andrea Lakeberg.

She expects more earthy colours such as camel and beige to be in fashion. That has a lot to do with "the new casual trend and desire for cosiness that has become a common theme," says Rose.

"Silhouettes are getting wide and more casual-looking," says Rose.

"That's especially true for tops, which are becoming more available in oversizes," says Mueller-Winkelmann. Designers are also choosing materials such as fur, chunky knits and velvet, which add a touch of class to the casual look, especially in colours such as wine red.

In contrast to these cosy materials are synthetic ones, in the form of lame, lurex and vinyl.

Lurex and vinyl are part of a retro wave in fashion at the moment - both were popular in the 1970s. Designers are looking to the past for inspiration, including materials that were once the height of fashion.

Mueller-Winkelmann says there are two fashion eras that designers are drawing upon: "The 1970s, from which designers are using frays, corduroy and wide pants," she says.

"A homage to the 1980s comes in the form of wide shoulders and oversized blazers that we're seeing more of now," she adds.

The pants suit has become a hot fashion item for women. "You can see them at almost every fashion show, especially in the dandy style," says Rose. "We're seeing a lot of denim being worn from top to toe like a pants suit," observes Mueller-Winkelmann.

Lakeberg says the current trends in fashion can be summed up in a few words: calm and unagitated. Most collections are remarkable for their suitability as everyday wear without looking boring at the same time.

If that sounds too conservative, you could try matching classic pieces of clothing with contrasting elements. A thick knit pullover with a tight skirt will look completely different than it would if it were worn with torn jeans, Chelsea boots or a leather skirt.

Text & Photo : DPA News


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