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Anggarini Paramita
14 August 2017

Germany, GoHitz.com -  Aloe, which grows wild in tropical climates, can be a perfect addition for your home as long as you pay attention to a few things.

Whether you put your aloe plant on the balcony or a sunny windowsill, the most important factor should be warmth - the warmer the location, the better, explains the German Flower Office.

When it comes to watering the aloe plant, less is more.

Experts say it's better to water the succulent too little rather than too much. When temperatures are high, it's enough to give it water twice a week, and even less when cold weather kicks in.

The uppermost layer of soil should be given time to dry before being watered again, and experts advise putting the water on a saucer, not directly into the flowerpot, which can cause the thick, fleshy, rosette-like leaves to begin rotting.

The ideal soil should contain either granite, perlite - an amorphous volcanic glass - or coarse sand - all material that drain water well.

Every three weeks, the aloe plant should be given liquid fertiliser.

Aloe, in particular the widely known variety aloe vera, is considered good for the health. Aloe vera contains enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts, with the sap from the leaves used for cosmetics and ointments.

In its natural desert habitat, aloe is used to stave off dehydration in emergencies, since it saves large amounts of water in its leaves.

Source : DPA News
Photo : Shutterstock


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